GymbaROO CanningVale Testimonials

Gabrielle loves GymbaROO and meeting up with her gang of friends there. She reenacts GymbaROO at home alot. Many times she turns her toy box, toy bin or toy bag into treasure bag time by tapping on her knees and singing parts of the song she knows before getting her dad or I to take items out.

After much trial and error (my poor ears and the neighbours too) Daddy worked out how to play the treasure bag song on the piano (no sheet music, just by ear!) and they sit there singing the song as many as five times without a break!

We also reenact the parachute time with her blanket and bath towel and are rewarded with a huge grin and her saying "same like GymbaROO".

Carolyn - Carseldine

We began GymbaROO this term when my son was 12 weeks old. At first he struggled as he couldn't hold his weight on his left arm (caused by two fractures during delivery). As an Early Years Teacher this was extremely concerning for me. However, the wonderful Erin and Yasmin told me not to give up and worked hard with him and by the third session he was no longer screaming and could do tummy time!! Three 45 minute classes (and he didn't even last the first two classes!) and such an amazing turn around. I find the videos (BabyROO Online TV) help to remind me just what to do so we make sure we have at least two "GymbaROO sessions" at home starting with the hello song and ending with the goodbye song... And he loves it!! Couldn't praise the program more and the wonderful staff... We won't be going anywhere soon!

Happy Parent - CanningVale