Level 3 Penguin (12 – 18 months)

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Once your little one is walking, they can take part in our Level 3 Penguins classes. Penguin classes are often combined with Koala Level 4 classes. As we teach according to the children in the class this will include activities that challenge and stimulate both age groups.

Penguins are very busy learning about themselves and their world and GymbaROO offers an exciting, safe environment in which to experiment and explore. We recognise that motor skill development is of prime importance for this age group as they learn to control newly learnt upright balance, posture and coordination skills.

This age group feels secure with their parents present, but have the independence to try out the fun new activities, learning about their bodies and space and balance. At this age there is a lot of learning by watching.

Enrol in Penguin/Koala class Level 3 & 4


Our key aim for this age group is to create a strong foundation for gross motor and coordination skills. The 45 minute class includes: Free play, Mat time, Equipment time, Music Time and Parachute Play. Concentration at this age is short, so mat time is interspersed with short periods of massage and vestibular activities along with nursery rhymes and action songs.

  • Your child will start taking a more participative role in the class as they begin to understand simple tasks and instructions. We encourage them to follow a simple directional instructions, such as arms up, down, out, and in – sit down and stand up.
  • Exercises are slowed and accompanied by slow music. This allows time to learn how to move and control their limbs with your help.
  • The equipment is now far more challenging – ladders to negotiate, balance beams to walk along and lots of hanging activities on the trapeze and overhead.
  • Visual tracking is a part of every session. In earlier age groups it has been more incidental, but now it is quite deliberate as children are asked to track a specific item - up, down, and to the right and the left.
  • Dances now involve walking forwards and around slowly, with balance and adjustment to the upright position the main aim at this age.
  • Auditory memory patterns are introduced through the repetition of specific verses and nursery rhymes.
  • The use of the flash word of the Treasure Bag object familiarises children with those strange things called words. This is called ‘visualisation’ and is very important for learning.


  • Can bob
  • Tic-toc with a little help
  • Follow one step instructions