Level 5 Wallabies (2 – 2 ½ years)

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Wallabies are named because of their enthusiasm for jumping on and off anything they can find… including your bed!

The Level 5 Wallaby age group is distinguished by the brain starting to change in the way it works, enabling greater efficiency in learning and processing information. Each hemisphere of the brain begins to control the movements of each side of the body in coordination, and by 20 months, many can actually move each body part independently from others. This is the reason we begin to do very different activities in the GymbaROO program

Level 5 Wallaby classes maybe combined with Level 6 Kangaroo classes. As we teach according to the children in the class this will include activities that challenge and stimulate both age groups. The 45 minute class includes and increasingly complex: Free play, Mat time, Equipment time, Music Time and Parachute Play.

Enrol in the Wallabies/Kangaroos (2 Years – 3 Years) Class


Level 5 Wallabies do lots of activities that cross the midline and use one side of the body differently to the other. We also teach new, more complex, skills like jumping around in a circle, ‘crocodiles’ and following a two-step instruction.

  • It is at this age that children begin to think that they have control of their bodies. At GymbaROO all our mat time action activities are therefore slowed so that children have time to move themselves. This is how they learn to perfect their body awareness and movement control.
  • The ‘crocodile’ movement pattern is introduced at massage time due to its importance in body coordination and reflex inhibition.
  • Dances are now sequential, as this helps children learn to move and think at the same time.
  • Specific Sensory Motor Perceptual Movement program activities are introduced at this level and form an essential part of equipment time.
  • We encourage all children to cross under the overhead ladder as strong upper body control is essential for later fine motor control of a pencil. If the large muscles of the body are strong, then the smaller muscles of the hands and fingers are more likely to be strong and more easily controlled to manipulate a pen or pencil for writing.


  • Jump forward on command
  • Tic-toc with rhythm from side to side
  • Follow two step commands
  • Swing from overhead ladder